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During the tsunami and earthquake relief in NAD and Nias, MAP Internationa USA (www.map.org) sent out a delegation soon after the emergency, and decided to partner with international and local partner to carry out some relief project i.e : OBI ( Obor Berkat Indonesia ), FHI ( Food for the Hungry), WR (World Relief), GBI (Gereja Bethel Indonesia ) and ICM.

In 2009, with the overall objective to answer needs of the most vulnerable communities in Indonesia, MAP International pursued registration as YAYASAN MENARA AGUNG PENGHARAPAN INTERNASIONAL (YMAP Internasional) as national entity organization in Indonesia. Since that time, YMAP Internasional has shifted to long-term HEALTH development programs such as TB Program, Mother and Child Health Education, Water and Sanitation, Total Health Village, Livelihood to increase family Nutrition.